Friday, October 24, 2014

The Party that was Almost Canceled. Story of a Sad Birthday Girl.

This was our little pumpkin the day before her birthday party. YIKES!

Backing up.

That Wednesday when Bill picked Elyse up from daycare, she had a low fever - nothing serious. We kept her home from daycare the next day. She seemed OK - just low energy. Her birthday was that Friday and Bill and I were going to spend the day with her. We had planned to take her to the fair, but with still a minor fever, we thought that would be too much.

We took her to make her first Build-a-Bear. She excitedly chose a unicorn.

She gave her unicorn a bath.

And picked out a dress and shoes.

And she and Daddy printed her birth certificate and chose a name (wow, that was a deliberation). We settled on Sparkle.

We went to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Soon, we had this. Uh-oh.

But, she sparked up.

We picked up some cupcakes at Hello Cupcake and got some to take home.

She and Sparkle napped on the way home and she slept several hours when we got home.

When she she woke up, we met up with OJ for dinner and took her to the movies, Dolphin Tale 2. She said she didn't feel good a few times and we ended up leaving the movie earlier (sorry, OJ). She ended up getting sicker and sicker and we were up most of the night with her crying and crying. What a sad ending to her birthday.

Thankfully, fever and other ickies stopped by Saturday morning. She was still sluggish all day. Saturday night I decided to email the parents and warn them of her symptoms.

Happy to say, she clicked in gear when her friends arrived and as you saw from the pictures, the party was a success.

Seriously, I can make big decisions at work, but I found myself Google'ing - "When to cancel a child's party".

Oh my.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Elyse is Four: The Making of a Birthday Party

Our little angel turned four last month. She fell for Frozen when we saw it opening weekend last November. Frozen party it was - and the planning of all the details was so fun. I'm just sad I didn't get pictures of everything. She was so very excited about her party and it was so fun for me that we got to work on it together.

I found these prints on kid.steals. Three 8x10s each of Olaf, Anna and Elyse (not pictured). I framed them in inexpensive Ikea frames. I found items from around the house that had the frozen look - like these candle holders and some icy branches in a vase (also not pictured).

The alphabet candy dishes were from Amazon and I filled them with matching candy on found super cheap at Walmart. These will be fun to use again at future parties.

I got these Frozen figurines from you-guessed-it, Amazon and they were fun to add to the display - and became her toys afterward.

I saw this cupcake princess birthday cake on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect (AND EASY). I had the tiara and attempted doctoring it up to look more Elsa-like. Jonnita had the beaded ribbon and I found the snowflake pin knowing it would be great to wear at Christmas time. The snowflake wand was from Amazon.

This banner was a steal on Groopdealz. Funny - my friend Deanna who got me hooked on the site ordered one too. Except when she got it one of the letters was missing - ha! This will be a great banner to use again and again.

This was a last minute idea. We've used this giant E at every one of her parties - I made it the first year. I decided we could still get away with using it if I added "frozen" decorations. I was pleased with how it turned out! These icy snowflakes (also shown above) were borrowed from a friend from work. The other items were just things I had in my craft closet.

Also not pictured.... Kids made snowmen from this Frozen Olaf Paint (Pinterest again!). We got the glue and shaving cream from the Dollar Store. Elyse and I prepped the adornments the weekend before - buttons and hand-cut carrot noses, stick arms and hole punches for eyes. We also hole-punched about one-zillion snowflakes and sprayed them with glitter for snowy confetti. She thought this all was super fun.

The event was in the morning again so she could rest afterward, so brunch was an easy way to feed people. We had Sven's ice water in a dispenser, powdered sugar cider donut holes from Lattin's as Snowballs from Olaf, Do-you-want-to-build-a-snowman kit with pretzel sticks, carrots and marshmallows, breakfast casserole, Anna's fruit salad, sparkly sugar cookies (this recipe), and homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot (Polar Express Hot Chocolate) (What is that amazing smell???? CHOCOLATE! and coffee from the Keurig.

Jonnita made Elyse's Elsa dress. Isn't it gorgeous? I was stunned when I saw how beautiful it was - yet, not surprised.

I found the hair flower pin on Etsy, not expecting it to be so HUGE. But, she still looked darling - of course.

Thanks to Geoff who took all of the following pictures!

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